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Simple Shop WooCommerce WordPress E-commerce Theme V2
We are stoked to launch the new version of Simple Shop WooCommerce WordPress E-commerce Theme. Totally from scratch! And Yes, we heard from you and loved all the feedback we got from our customers. We wanted to put it all together in this new version.


  • Optional Slideshow / Full or Normal Wide Size / Optional Captions
  • Optional Summary Text
  • Optional Banners. Maximum 3. Optional Black and White Filter Effect
  • Optional Products on the Home Page / Choose how many products you want to display.
  • Auto Updated CART
  • Blog / Optional Masonry Layout
  • Footer managed by Widgets
  • MO/PO Files for your translations


Simple Shop WooCommerce WordPress E-commerce Theme v2 is made from scratch and is a different theme than v1. You can update your old version but be aware you probably will have to set some options again and you will lose all the custom work (if any was made).

Why Simple Shop WooCommerce WordPress E-commerce Theme ?

Tired of wasting time configuring your e-commerce? Too many options? Too much confusing settings?

SimpleShop is the perfect solution for small and/or simple shops. SimpleShop takes all the power from WooCommerce ( FREE Plugin ) and the Simplicity from WordPress. Never was so easy to create a Shop Online, you will be selling in only 5 Steps!

SimpleShop’s simple, light, beautiful and ready to use. It’s responsive and looks great on devices and tablets.

Customize Options

  • You can add your LOGO.
  • You can add a favicon.
  • You can change the main Color Scheme.
  • You can choose colors for your Old and New prices when you are having SALES.
  • You can add your Social Network Links.
  • You can embed your Signup Forms from Mailchimp.

Theme Features

  • Easy to create your SLIDESHOW (Optional: you can add links to your slides).
  • Easy to add your BANNERS.
  • Pages for your corporate content.
  • Blog for your news and events.
  • You can add VIDEOS from YOUTUBE/VIMEO to your posts (No EMBED code needed).

Some features we would like to stand out from WooCommerce:

  • Easy to create Product with variations such as sizes, colors, etc.
  • Easy stock configuration (You can manage stocks by variations).
  • Easy to create coupons and sales.
  • Easy to configure different checkout options such as paypal, bank transfer, etc.
  • Buying as Guest (No registration needed).
  • And many more ( )

Files Included

WooCommerce Plugin is not included but you can download it from:


We offer free support in English and Spanish for all our themes. Contact us if you have any issue or doubt, we will be more than happy to help you.


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