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New Update 03/31/17

Updated Documentation

New Update 02/19/2017 VERSION 4.5
In this version, we fixed some issues with the Call To Action (CTA) in not full-screen mode and improved the compatibility for the Booking Calendar Plugin and VR Calendar Plugin.

New Update 12/6/2016 VERSION 4.0
We realized the latest version of the Booking Calendar plugin was creating some compatibility issues with our theme.
We added a new Setting under THEME SETTINGS called Compatibility that allows to enable/disable resources that are loaded by the plugins as well creating the issues.

For Booking Calendar Plugin users: Only enable OWL Slideshow
For VBRO Plugin users: Disable both Bootstrap and OWL Slideshow

New Update 7/8/2016 VERSION 4.0


  • Capability to add icons for all the slides or for single slide
  • Create as many listing pages as you want, and choose what properties to display in each listing
  • More options, more flexible, more colors to edit, fullscreen or fixed screen
  • We added new 12 icons
  • Option to make it compatible with other plugins such as VR Plugin
  • We fixed minor bugs in responsive
  • More optimized for for devices

New Update 11/22/2015

MULTI-PROPERTY SUPPORT and a ton of new features:


  • Now supporting SINGLE or MULTI-PROPERTIES
  • More control for editing slideshows
    • Optional Captions
    • Optional black transparent layer for more text readability
    • Optional links
    • Optional Icons for each slide (Only for Home Page)
    • Use the slideshow to promote one or more properties
  • Easily Manage properties with Custom Posts or Pages (Single Properties recommended)
    • Add Shortcodes to add your Booking Calendars or Contact Forms for each property
    • More control about your icons and titles
  • Totally customizable Call to Action
    • Show / Hide CTA button
    • Edit Text for button and Title for Modal Box
    • Add a shortcode for you Booking Calendar or Contact Form
  • Two styles for your Blog, Normal or Beautiful Masonry
  • New Templates, Add a right Sidebar to Pages and Properties
  • Now you can add text in your Home Page, specially to improve your SEO
  • Refined styles, now looks even more beautiful
  • Specially optimized for devices
  • And much more!

NOTE FOR OLD CUSTOMERS from version 3.0
This version includes some new features and fixes. You will need to recreate your slideshows for pages and properties. We improved this feature and unfortunately haven’t been able to keep the old structure. Other minor adjustments to your existing website can be needed as well.

NOTE FOR OLD CUSTOMERS from versions older than 3.0
This version is a new brand theme, please be aware installing this version will remove any previous customization, and it will need to be configured again. Some stuff will remain the same, but elements such as slideshows will be needed to be set again.

New Update 5/16/2015 

Rent My Home Vacation Rental WordPress Theme includes WPML Multilingual Support

Rent My Home Vacation Rental WordPress Theme is now integrated and ready to be used with WPML Multilingual Plugin.
The plugin is not included, you can get it from their site:
Send us an email if you want some help adding your languages.

Have you ever thought about renting your home when you go on vacation? Don’t pay fees or commissions in other sites! Take advantage of this theme and you won’t need to share your earnings with anybody.

Rent My Home Vacation Rental WordPress Theme is a WordPress Theme for Vacation Rental your home. It’s a really simple and basic theme to manage just one property. It’s beautifully designed, easy and fast to manage. It’s responsive and sensitive to gestures.

Rent My Home Vacation Rental WordPress Theme comes integrated with WP Booking Calendar (Required Plugin) (FREE Plugin you can download from Really easy to configure and use.

What can you customize in Rent My Home Vacation Rental WordPress Theme?

  • Add your logo and favicon.
  • Change the main color.
  • Add banners to your home page (max 3)
  • Use more than 50 icons for your amenities
  • Add your main services to the slideshow (max 5)
  • Add your Social Network Links
  • Add Slideshows to your pages, add Captions and customize its colors.
  • Add Responsive videos to your posts just with the URL (not embed code, Youtube and Vimeo Supported)

This theme includes our Vacation Rental Icon set as vector and webfont totally for free!!

Files Included

We offer free support in English and Spanish for all our themes. Contact us if you have any issue or doubt, we will be more than happy to help you.

6 reviews for Rent My Home Vacation Rental WordPress Theme

  1. 5 out of 5


    I give 6 stars out of 5 🙂

    24 hours ago I bought the theme “Rent My Home Vacation Rental WordPress Theme”. I have never worked with WordPress before, so I wondered if I would be able to manage it. I wrote an email to the support and within a few minutes I got the answer I needed.

    After just 24 hours – spent 5-7 hours on the theme – I have a homepage that looks like a million. The Theme is very easy to use and the manual that comes along gives you great answers. However, I had some minor problems, but again the support from the guys who developed the theme was very quick and effective.

    I can 100 percent recommend other users to buy themes from the developers “Creative by the Sea”. They are very professional and their support is outstanding.

    Thanks Dani

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I can not say enough GREAT things about Dani and Creative by the Sea!! I wish I could give the theme AND Dani 10 stars!!
    I bought the theme “Rent My Home” and have created a really beautiful site for my vacation rental. I have had some WordPress experience, but still needed help. Dani was incredibly responsive and willing to help me. From the littlest detail to questions not even related to her theme, she promptly responded to my emails with very helpful answers to all my questions. I LOVE THIS THEME and I couldn’t be more grateful to Dani for ALL her help.
    I absolutely recommend them in the highest possible terms!!!
    I love my new site!!!
    You will not be sorry if you give them a try.
    Thanks for everything…..
    Your the best.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I have a pre-sale question. Does this theme has a accept payment option?

    • (verified owner):

      Hi, Thanks for contacting us 🙂
      The payment system comes by default with the booking system plugin. I would say it comes with the free version too, but please check before you purchase:
      It’s a powerful plugin and includes a lot of options.
      Thanks! Don’t hesitate to contact us again if you have more questions.
      Have a great day!

  4. 5 out of 5


    Love, love, love this theme. Cannot say enough about how helpful Dani is. I had originally purchased another theme for our vacation homes that was very highly rated with lots of great reviews. It was horrible. Very hard to work with and the customer service took days to get back to me. This has been so user friendly and any questions I did have, Dani got back VERY quickly to me. She also was very helpful in giving extra tips. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love my website with this theme!!

  5. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This is an outstanding product for setting up a vacation rental website! It was super easy to set up and looks super elegant, modern and attractive. Within 3 hours I had our website up and was amazed with the result. I absolutely love it!! Also any time I had a question or needed help, Dani was very responsive and assisted me with all my questions. Thanks Dani! I highly recommend this to anyone setting up a vacation rental site!!

  6. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This theme is so very beautiful and easy to work with. And, I have to add that the price is excellent. Once my purchase was made, I got an email from the creator with a link to documentation and an expression of assistance if it was needed. I was so very pleased when I did have a question and I replied to email and got an answer immediately. So, not just a stunning, professional template, but excellent customer service right along with that. Thanks so much. I will be a repeat customer.

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