Product Description

Portfolio Cards WordPress Theme  is a beautiful and minimal responsive WordPress theme perfect for designers, videographers, photographers and other professionals to showcase your work and talent.

Portfolio Cards WordPress Theme

Portfolio Cards WordPress Theme will impress your clients and bring you more business.

Portfolio Cards WordPress Theme is easy to edit and manage. We don’t want you spend lots of time figuring out how it works, just upload your works and let the theme work for you. It’s simple and fast! Check our Video Tutorials to learn how.

Portfolio Cards WordPress Theme is fully responsive. It’s specially designed and optimized to look great in any device.

We are excited to announce the Portfolio Cards Theme Special features.

Custom Client Pages

Create as many Custom Pages as you need for your potential clients. You can create a custom Portfolio Page choosing your projects by categories or one by one. Your potential clients will be wowed to see you have created a Custom Page specially for them with a custom URL with their name. Check the video tutorial here:

Emailing Custom Client Pages

The other new feature is the capability to send the Custom Client Page by email. Each Custom Client Page has a small form to send the content by email.

Other Features

  • Add your Logo and Fav Icon
  • Edit the Color Scheme
  • Home Grid to display 4, 8, 12 or all projects.
  • Big and Visual Project Pages
  • Filter Projects by categories
  • Different templates for corporate pages, team, etc
  • Cool and refined animations
  • Blog and Video Posts
  • Responsive and Video Responsive
  • Top Bar, Menu and Footer managed by Widgets (Totally customizable)
  • Easy and simple to manage

Video Tutorials

We have create video tutorials to help you use the theme.

  1. Theme Settings:
  2. Create Project:
  3. Create Home Page:
  4. Widgets:
  5. Create Custom Client Page:
  6. Create Pages and Custom Pages:
  7. General Settings:
  8. Create Blog and Posts:


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