Product Description

The Kirby CMS version of our Chameleon Adaptive WordPress Theme.

Chameleon is an extremely basic and simple theme.You only need to pick beautiful photos for your pages and posts, the theme will do the rest.

Chameleon Kirby CMS Theme


Chameleon takes the predominant color of the cover image  and creates a color palette for your page or post, the color of the font changes depending on darker or lighter colors.

It’s original, live, simple, light and beautiful. It’s responsive and looks great on devices and tablets. Ready to use!

This theme is based on our free Kirby CMS Bootstrap Blog Starterkit Theme, suport content pages, portfolio and blog.

The theme also includes the Kirby CMS Columns plugin to create infinite different layouts for your pages and posts, Kriby CMS Shariff plugin for the share buttons, and custom Kirbytext Carousel Tag to create image carousels easily direct inside the content of the posts and pages.


  • Infinte layouts for your pages and posts with Kirby CMS Columns plugin
  • Add Photos, Carousels / Slideshows and Videos
  • Add Social Networks
  • Add your Mailchimp Subscription List




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