Personal Design Projects


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We have been working on a some illustration for new personal design projects.

Personal Design Projects

We love to work on personal design projects. Personal design projects help you to grow as creative and designer. When you are working in a personal project you don’t have limitations. You are your own client. You just do what you want to do. That allows you to experiment with different techniques and take your creativity to farther levels.

Working in personal design projects liberates your imagination. It improves your creative portfolio. It gives you new tools you can use for your project clients.
Personal design projects are a good exercise to test your imagination. It gets you out of your comfort zone and improves your skills. It is fun and helps you to promote your work and improve your reputation.

We have been working in this illustration for a personal project with help from 122 Design. It helped us to solidify our process of illustration. Starting from brainstorming, looking for references, sketching, digitalizing the artwork and refining our styles. We are not strong in character design so it was a really good exercise for us.

If you are a creative, we strongly recommend you to work on your personal projects. Take something you love and have fun experimenting.

We have been using Skillshare to learn new techniques. Skillshare is an online learning platform where teachers are designers, illustrators and other professionals who share their skills by really helpful video tutorials.

Untie your creativity and have fun!