Mastering CSS Transitions, Transformations & Animations


Posted by Creative by the Sea in: Design

Codyhouse is a great platform for free resources and inspiring ideas for building cool websites. Codyhouse just launched a really helpful course called Mastering CSS Transitions, Transformations & Animations. The course is ran by Claudia Romano and Sebastiano Guerriero, the founders of Codyhouse.

We attended the course, a really good structured and explained course in seven main parts and the development of a project in three other parts. The course starts from the basics to more advanced topics, always explained with videos guiding you thru HTML, CSS and even some JS to animate your elements. Really easy to follow and interesting approach. Files and examples are provided as well for a better understanding.

Mastering CSS Transitions, Transformations & Animations

We loved so much the course, we decided to do a small animation with a shaka hand to show how the CSS Animations work. Really interesting experiment what opens a whole new way of designing and developing websites.

See the Pen Shaka CSS Animation by dani marti (@creativebythesea) on CodePen.

We really recommend the course if you are interested on knowing more about css animations. For more information take a look at: Mastering CSS Transitions, Transformations & Animations.