Malibu Spanish House


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We are continuing with our series of 3D models.
In this case we created a 3D model inspired by our neighborhood in Malibu.

Malibu Spanish House

We love the Spanish influence in California, specially in the architecture.
We decided to pay tribute to that beautiful style by creating a 3D Scene. It wasn’t difficult to get inspired, we only had to go for a walk on the beach just few steps far from our office in Latigo Beach in Malibu. The ocean, the long palms, the rocky and sandy beach, the seaweed and the seals form a beautiful postcard. We thought it was a perfect scenario for us to keep practicing and learning 3D. Is just one of the examples we got from the burnaby homes for sale that allow people to discover their homes and want they actually want to buy.

Final result. Render from Blender3D.
Final result. Render from Blender3D.

In this piece we tried to keep  the “low-poly” style but we brought some more detail, specially to the house. We created the roof piece by piece in the same way the roof tiles are built in real life. That broke a little bit the “low-poly” structure. The roof ended up having a lot of polygons. The rest of elements are really low polygons based. We think the overall model works nice. That’s our third 3D model, we know we still have a long way ahead. We are happy with the results we are getting so far.

You can see the whole 3D model working here. Hope you like it!