Geometrical Animal Illustration Design


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In our way of improving we have been experimenting with new techniques and styles to illustrate and design. We enrolled to DKNG‘s class in Skillshare.

In that class the challenge was illustrating an animal using geometrical shapes.

Geometrical Animal Illustration Design

Illustrating using geometrical shapes is not something new, but it looks like all those old school techniques are being recycled and adapted to the computer times.

It’s a cool way to design posters, logos, badges, and much more… It’s always good to take a break and push yourself from your comfort zone to realize what you are able to do.

We have learnt how to start from scratch sketching with paper and pencil. To bring it to our computer to create basic geometrical shapes, add color, gradients and texture. Impressive results just from the first attempt.

I have been keep playing around and experimenting, and I discovered some nice results just using strokes…

Geometrical Animal Illustration Design

We are stoked looking forward to apply it to our next project!