Experimenting with 3D


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What if a fried egg wanted to be a slice of pizza…

Experimenting with 3D

In any kind of job as it is in life, there is always that constant will of learning and improving.
Specially in computer-oriented jobs we need to keep updated. We are always in a race against technology. Software gets updated probably too often. Computers, tablets and other devices keep improving changing constantly our world. As professionals we need to know and master our tools. We need to keep adapting with each new release otherwise we can get outdated.

I always thought it was better being really good at one thing than being average at ten different ones. Once said that, it can sound odd but I think it’s good as well to open your variety of services. Obviously when they are branches of a main root. If you are a graphic designer, I’m not saying you can be an accountant. Well, you can if you want, but it’s not what I was meaning. If you are a graphic designer, maybe you can start developing websites and learning some coding. That’s always scary, but I really think it makes you a better professional.
Getting out of your comfort zone makes you grow as professional and gives you more resources to do same things in different ways.

Why 3D?

I have been creating branding identities, designing and developing websites for almost 15 years now. I never thought I could end up learning 3D, specially because the learning curve has been always pretty steep. Nowadays 3D Softwares are more accessible, visual and friendly. The possibilities are almost infinite such as 3D Printing, Character Modeling, Animations, Video Games, Apps, etc.  All of that got me so excited that I decided to start studying 3D. Let me ask you this, would you eat a cricket? The answer is likely to be no, however wth this technique you can make that happen in a very realistic way. It’s really creative and fun!

In 3D there are a ton of topics to cover than sound scary. Such terms as modeling, retopology, rigging, texture painting, material creation and a large etc. The fact of being able to bring to life something that you can draw just with your pencil in a piece of paper worths giving a try.

In the image above I played with modeling and texture painting. You can create anything you want, even a fried egg looking like a slice of pizza.

I can’t wait to take all of that to a professional level.