Custom Surfboard Design and Shape


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Are we designers who surf or surfers who design? Sometimes we have the chance of doing our two favorite things together, we can work on our passion.

Custom Surfboard Design and Shape

If you live in Hawaii, I would say it is almost mandatory to do some kind of activity in the Ocean. We surf. Waves are great here in Hawaii, and really consistent during Winter.

Hawaii is probably one of the best places in the world for Surfing. And cause of that there is a big surfing industry here. Professional surfers, shapers, manufacturers, brands, etc. are always around, so it’s easy getting involved in some way in that world.

surf-post-2 surf-post-3

We had the chance to develop a custom board for a local brand here in Maui. It’s always fun working with shapers who wants to try different shapes. We came with that rounded almost symmetrical shape what makes an interesting and different board. The size of the board was originally 6’2 x 20 x 2 7/16, but probably it will change a little bit once they start to shape it. The idea was having a fun, easy and friendly board what was able to manage the powerful waves we have here. It’s a board designed for clean small and medium waves.

We designed the graphics for the board as well. We developed two color proposals based on the same kind of design structure. Using colored layers with some transparency, we are getting that multiplicity of colors. Just by using two colors we can get a three – four color design.

Hope you like it! Keep posted, we will be posting the final product once is finished.