Character Expression Design


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We usually use our spare time to create and design fun stuff. We love to experiment and get out of our comfort zone.

In our daily basis we have been creating brand identities, designing and developing websites for the last 15 years. When we get a chance we love to free our imagination.

Character Expression Design

We got lately really intrigued by Character Design. Characters are used for advertising, animations, video games. They are used even in corporate design like logotypes, brochures, etc.

These past days I have been experimenting with Character Design and Expression.

To me the most difficult thing it’s bring characters to life. The only way to achieve that is thru expression. Sadness, happiness, angry, surprise, etc. Translating feelings to expressions is by far the most complex thing to do. If you struggle as I do, I recommend you to go to Pinterest and look for references. You can even find short tutorials to achieve really specific things. And then just go back and forth trial-error until you like the result. It can be frustrating, so you need to be patient. Sometimes is really good to leave your illustration for a couple of hours or even a day. When you go back, you are fresh and your mind sees things different.


In my case I was looking for using the same base to create two really different characters. Using the same skull, face, eyes, and main features to design the good and the bad guy.

We are willing to work more with 3D using softwares like Blender. We realized to be a good 3D artist you need a good foundation on 2D. We have so much to learn, but we enjoy the process so much.

We will be posting our illustrations and experiments in our blog. Keep posted if you want to follow our journey. It’s going to be a fun and exciting journey.