California Surfing Illustration


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We illustrated a California landscape inspired by San Clemente, Orange County.

California Surfing Illustration

California, the Ocean and lifestyle have been always really appealing to me. I had that picture in my mind for quite a while. When you get to San Clemente and go to the beach. You are going down hill and then you can see the waves, the pier, the train track … It’s a beautiful postcard. I had it in my memories for so long and I needed to take it out somehow. That’s how this illustration was created.

surfer_detail_02 Landscape Detail.

Landscape Illustration

We have been lately experimenting with illustration in 2D and character design. We wanted to have a stronger foundation for our 3D design. Illustration doesn’t finish just in character design. We realized is equally complex to put those characters in context.

We started to illustrate more elaborated and detailed landscapes to put our characters. From the concept to production landscapes are complex. Even though you have a more cartoonish style (as we do), you want to keep things a bit real. You need to take care of perspective, lights and shades. The sum of all of those details is what make the final product more believable.

Specially sunsets and sunrises where lights are more extreme, the illustration gets more complicated. As usual the best way to illustrate anything is by taking references. California has beautiful sunsets so it wasn’t hard to find tons of nice references for our illustration. References plus memories can create unique ways to express your art.

Struggling with illustration

In this illustration we struggled with the level of detail. The original idea was having more buildings, plants, elements, etc. We wanted to have a more recognizable landscape but that was creating too many issues in our design and composition. We decided to keep it simple and focus on the main elements that could help to identify the location.

The choice of colors was a problem as well. We played with different palettes and realized the sunset colors could be great. That concept ended up working out really good. We made this illustration in approximately 10 hours by using Illustrator and Photoshop.

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California Surfing Illustration Final Result.