3D Low-Poly Floating Island


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We have recently discovered a style that matches pretty well with our style of illustration.
That’s the low poly 3d. A really basic way to model in 3D using geometric and low polygons shapes.
We like it because it’s more cartoony and can be easily integrated for the use of games.

3D Low-Poly Floating Island

As part of our journey we have been doing a lot of research. We wanted to know about limitations modeling in 3D, styles and animations. Specially when you are developing games.

There is so much information, techniques, styles. It can be really overwhelming. So it’s good taking baby steps and learning on the go.

Accidentally we ended up reading about the Low-Poly modeling and loved the style. Low-Poly is supposed to be faster for rendering and more efficient for Game Developing. Besides the efficiency of that technique, it’s simpler in terms of materials and shaders. So the approach to 3D and rendering feels less scary. Low-Poly is kind of a cartoony style. It is fun and can be perfect for the style of games we have on mind.

So now we are diving in that new style, playing around and experimenting with some 3D illustrations.

If you like this style or you are interested on it. There are a couple of guys we wanted to recommend. They have several tutorials and time lapse videos which can help you for inspiration or technical process.

Following one of PigArt’s tutorials we modeled our own floating island.
Here you can see a whole render we made.


Take a look to our 3D Model if you want to see it live.

Keep posted, we are working on more fun stuff!