Month: June 2015

We love Kirby CMS and Bootstrap framework. We wanted to put all together and created this new version from the default Kirby CMS Starterkit, the Kirby CMS Bootstrap Starterkit Theme. Kirby CMS Bootstrap Starterkit Theme What is Kirby CMS? Kirby is a file‑based CMS. Easy to setup. Easy to use. Flexible as hell. And fun to work with. If you don’t know this CMS, […] Read More

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I decided to take the 30-Day Logo Design Challenge from Skillshare. It’s a challenge to design 3 logotypes in 30 days. I thought it could be really interesting and a good way to experiment with my skills. I will be posting in my blog the different projects. The first project is Logo Design Fundamentals: Simple […] Read More

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It’s always really nice when people appreciate your work and your style. Nowadays that’s something hard to hear, specially from your clients. It looks like it’s harder telling when you are doing a good work than just complaint about anything. That’s the reason a good feedback or just nice words feel so sweet and are so encouraging. Creative […] Read More

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